Who dug him up?

As we continue to reel from the news about Greenpeace's High Court victory over the Energy Review, more phantoms rise on the British horizon.

The Dark Lord Meacher is going for Number 10.

This guy once said we need nuclear power like we need a hole in the head. He also said that men are like lice on the Earth, so this particular arch misanthrop would probably go for it.

He also plutonium was the most dangerous substance known to man (making him a liar).

Fortunately, El Gordo is too powerful for this moonbat to get anywhere (there is doubt over whether or not he could get enough votes to get even nominated). El Gordo has also said he supports Blair's line on more nuclear power.

British Energy on the move

British Energy say they want new nuclear build by 2016.

BE is in the doldrums financially at the moment, saddled with the legacy of trying to make a profit with inefficient gas cooled reactors while everyone else makes an slaughtering with cheap North Sea gas.

With North Sea production becoming ever less able to meet energy demand in the UK, it makes the prospects look better. The threat at this point is interest rates and the Usual Suspects.

Chances are, they would get support from Europe, which would inevitably lead to the EPR being built. Still, if they are going to build loads of LWRs, there's always room for a couple of HWRs to reuse of the spent fuel.

Opposing nuclear power is a sin

The Church has now decided that global warming can serve the same purpose for them as it does for the Green lobby: serving as an opportunity for its elites to be smugly sanctimonious and preach upon us unwashed evil-doers (while often being the worst "sinners"). A Bishop has declared that flying is a sin.

Well alright. If global warming is the apocalypse caused by our straying from the path of righteousness then surely anything contributing to the wrath of the deity must be a sin.

Michael Portillo agreed last night on This Week. By the same logic opposing nuclear power is also a sin.