Fingers crossed

Blair says new nuclear power stations will be built and smacks Cameron.
A NEW generation of nuclear power stations will be built with enough capacity to
generate at least as much electricity as Britain’s nuclear industry does today,
Tony Blair told MPs.

Promising stuff if they can deliver (and that 'if' is larger than the power output of a French reactor when it comes to this government). Gordon Brown, the likely next Prime Minister, appears to back Blair on this one, which is good. If so, then there is the chance that something positive could come out of Brown's inevitable premiership, if they don't screw up the process leaving it a mess (and that 'if' is larger than the power output of all French reactors combined!).

As for David Cameron, what does he have to say on the matter? Well I can't find anything. Our blue/green hero seems to waffle on incoherently. He attacked the Queen's speech for only promoting fear without offering solution (Greenpeace must have written it) but he himself seems to offer sympathy without solution. Hell, if he just gave an outright "no", at least he'd be taking a firm position. At the moment, he seems to not want to commit to any solution, merely make speeches about how passionately he cares for the problem.

Oh well, there are a few years left for the Blair/Brown government. Maybe they can get something positive done (there's a first time for everything).

Edit: Blair is so dedicated, he even took a trip to Sellafield. That was nice of him.

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