I was right

I said before that the Cammy and the Conservatives are the best bet for seeing Generation III+ in Britain.

It turns out I was correct after all. Although Tony Blair may have been a cause for optimism, tomorrow he is gone, to be replaced by Gordon Brown. El Gordo is not someone I was that worried about either. He seemed to fairly behind Blair's position on this. However, when it comes to the Labour party, you must be careful not to confuse backing up with back stabbing.

But now, Harriet Harperson has been made the deputy leader of the Labour party and by all accounts, she is decidedly anti-nuclear. That rather wrecks everything. El Gordo might have supported nuclear power in the right circumstances, but I don't think he's that behind the cause to want to pick a fight with his new deputy.

That therefore leaves us with only one party in British politics willing to entertain the idea. All our hopes rest on Cammy.

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