Rebranding radiation

The IAEA are now launching a new radiation hazard symbol.

The objective is to make sure that people understand when they are close to a large and dangerous source of radiation, the traditional symbol not having really been adopted for any negative connotation so far.

This new one seems much more intuitive. Clearly it shows that a stinky propeller can be smelt at the emergency exit and while watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

There could be an advantage to this rebranding exercise. Since the Usual Suspects have a habit of marking nuclear installations on the map with the old radiation symbol (while not extending the same courtesy to coal fired power stations), this could remove the obvious negative imagery they are trying to evoke.

The disadvantage is that it sucks. It lacks grace. There is elegance to the simplicity of the old symbol. Besides, logically, any facility that allows people near to dangerous sources of radiation without even ensuring they are knowledgeable of hazard symbols, can't be trusted to use the signs in the first place.

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